Q:   What type cases do you investigate?
   We are a full service agency including, but not limited to, domestic, civil, and criminal cases.

Q:    My spouse may be cheating on me. What should I do first?
    DO NOT inform your spouse that you are aware that they may be having an inappropriate relationship. Contact our office and speak with one of our experienced investigators who can assist you in choosing the most cost effective way to obtain the evidence you need.

Q:    How long will it take to investigate my case?
A:   The duration of the case varies from case to case depending on individual circumstances. 

Q:    Can you investigate cases in a different state?

Q:    How much will it cost to investigate my case?
A:   The cost is determined by the amount of time it takes to investigate your case.  

Q:    Do I have to consult an attorney before I hire you?
A:    No

Q:    My spouse has moved out and I don’t know where they are. Can you help?
A:   Yes.  We are experienced in locating people who do not want to be located.

Q:    What should I do if I suspect that my ex is violating the terms of our custody agreement?
A:    What is done in a case like this is determined primarily by what manner the agreement is being violated. Our experienced investigators can assist you in making a decision best suited to your situation.

Q:    A family member has been accused of a crime. Can a private investigator help?

A:   Yes. Time is of the essence. The faster you hire an investigator, the less evidence will be lost.

Q:    Will you testify in court if needed?
A:     Yes

Q:    I am ready to hire a private investigator. What do I need to do?
   Contact our office by telephone, email or in writing at addresses shown on our Contact Page.

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